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Where lifestyle meets the modern meeting

Working together is fast and simple with Visiple

Visiple is designed to be fast and secure! Join your call with a single click. Meeting attendees don´t have to be registered users of Visiple like those other "free" services. Simply invite them, no sign up or sign in - just click on the link and join!  

Visiple was founded by a team with years in video conferencing, mobile services, lots of airplane travel and business innovation to their credit. Everything we have learned through our experiences and the feedback from our customers has helped us design the services of Visiple with the customer in mind.



How it works?


Smiley face Click-to-join Meetings
Meeting recipients only need to click on the invite and enter their name in order to join a meeting. No software, no codes, no wasted time. You need to pull someone into a meeting? That´s easy! Simply "add" the participants from your VMR panel. Video Conferencing has never been easier!
any device Connect Easily Through Bridging and Our Interoperability
Reach clients, partners, and employees remotely through our cloud. Connect via desktop, mobile, or other conference systems of your choice. Enjoy seamless interoperability. There’s no need to invest in new technologies. Our interoperability allows users to join in the conversation from any platform.


Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 15.42.10.png

Schedule calls and conferences the way you are used to. 3rd party dial-in instructions are added to the invitation and joining information. Visiple is easy!

Hello, World - Visiple is on Product Hunt!

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any device Connect on Any Device
Visiple is designed to work with the devices you are using today. From your tablet and smartphone to your laptop, Mac and PC to boot. Have a video conferencing system already and need mobile connectivity? Yeah Visiple works with that as well.
Smiley face Visiple Integrates With
All standard SIP/H.323 endpoints, Office 365, Skype for Business, Browser based (WebRTC) access, Google Hangouts Meet, and Audio dial in from anywhere!

any device CONNECT FROM ANYWHERE Mac,Desktop,PC,Mobile,Tablet and your Video Conferencing Hardware.
Google Chrome.png

Desktop & Mobile Apps

The Connect Desktop App is downloadable on your Mac or PC or and gives you instant video connection with anyone, anywhere. Videonor’s Connect Mobile App enables users to be a simple tap away from joining a VMR on the go.

no installation No Infra or Software Installation
Visiple is cloud-based so there is no app, software or infrastructure to install. Simply sign up and connect through your browser. Yeah! It is as EASY as that!
Companies often think that a huge investment in equipment is required to get video collaboration tools up and running. Not the case. Visiple is software-as-a-service, meaning you don’t need to buy any fancy equipment or put down a big up-front investment. Our solutions offer fixed fees per month, and allow you to add licences as your needs change
Smiley face Screen Sharing & Collaborate effortlessly. Increase productivity by sharing content wirelessly and securely.

Outlook Plugin

The Outlook Plugin allows users to easily drop Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) information directly into their invite.  The plugin produces all the ways to access a given VMR; including; Skype for Business app, WebRTC, video endpoints, and audio dial-in.

The plugin verifies user input to ensure a valid VMR is both available and correct. If either problem arises, the plugin will recognize the error and suggest a valid VMR to meet in.

The plugin produces one-click links will bring you right into a meeting on WebRTC, or within the Skype for Business App.

Refer to our detailed guide on how to quickly & easily deploy the plugin to users within your organization.

Visiple and Google Hangouts Meet - What a pair!

Connect your video conferencing system to Google Hangouts Meet users easily and in a matter of seconds with our ProVMR solution. We know google users love google and we do to so why not bring Visiple and Google together? We did!

Designed for organizations who want to join Google Hangouts Meet calls using business video conferencing systems from vendors such as Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, and many others. Employees can also join Meet calls using Skype for Business and other video-capable software video clients that they use everyday.

What about Ad-hoc calls?

Ad-hoc calls are just as simple. Check the meeting details and use the same dial-in instructions per usual. Share the info, and anyone can join the Meet call from any device at hand - no worries!

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 15.39.18.png

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 17.06.23.png


Tikktalk runs on our video platform, and now our customers have easy access to a TikkTalk account to search and book a meeting.  The open market platform allows you to get the best prices on interpretation services. More information - Just Click HERE



Visiple has connected thousands of businesses worldwide! Our services are used by coworkers, digital nomads, telecommuters and distributed team members of all types virtually every second of the day in order to securely collaborate with each other. Our users connect via traditional video conferencing systems, IPads, Tablets, other smartphones, pc´s and mac´s as well as Skype For Business, Office365, WebRTC and Google Hangouts Meet.