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How do I get my very own Visiple?

It's easy. Just sign up for our a FREE TRIAL or PRO VMR services and we'll send you the login information by email. Now you're ready to use your Visiple! No installation needed!

How do I send invites?

After signing up, a friendly email will arrive with login credentials and important information for your virtual meeting room. The you an invite friends and colleagues by simply sending them your URL. Pull in other users via our easy to use "+" tool!  Other invited participants simply click and join using their web browser, tablet, smartphone and even video conferencing system!

How do I join a meeting?

Just click on the link you receive via email from the meeting organizer - and connect using your browser and there is no need to install any additional software! Our app for Mac and Windows can be downloaded here. Are you using Office365, Lync or Skype for Business (or SIP) have them pull you to the meeting! A little less stress that way!

Do I need to sign up to join a meeting?

Nope... You don't have to sign up as others do to join meetings that you have been invited to. Simply click on the email link you received and you are up and running!

Do I need any special equipment?

Nope again.. Just your PC/Mac, tablet, smartphone or video conferencing system! You can use Visiple with integrated webcam and audio! You see you don´t need to invest in lots of expensive shiny new equipment - use what you have! Unsure? just send us an email and we will be happy to walk you through it. 

Do all my friends need to sign up too?

Nope yet again... Of course it would be nice if they did, but it is not necessary. Only the actual subscriber can set up new meetings and invite others, while non Visiple guests are free to join too as long as they are invited. We have a free trial available too for those that are a little skeptical. Have them click here or up there under free trial.

Where can I find out about the "small print"?

That is for your lawyer... Just kidding! Please read our Terms & Conditions to find out about that kind of stuff.



Can I connect to other video conferencing systems and those outside of my company?

Yes you can! Visiple links up with all standards based video conferencing systems which means basically all systems. At Visiple interoperability is key.

Which browsers are supported?

At the moment the officially supported browsers are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox so we strongly recommend using those. Other browsers will be supported at a later time. We would love to keep you updated so sign up here for updates! 

What about other UC tools like Skype for Business, Office365, Cisco Jabber etc...?

Visiple works seemlessly with all of these. Calls can be made in both directions! 

How do I use Visiple? 

You can use Visiple with your computer, smartphone or tablet. 

Where can I download the Desktop App?



Internet Access

You can use Visiple with almost any kind of an internet connection, but of course, the faster the better. Anyway it just works!

Stability and High Quality Video

Visiple through a Global Quality of Service network of Point of Presences (PoPs) insures a great experience!

How Do I Get My Visiple?

Sign up for the free trial or contact us as we are in the midst of a new ordering system that will accept payments online. Nah.. we are not reinventing the wheel but simply building setting up the best and easiest experience for you to get your own Visiple. 

We offer a special rate on Annual Subscriptions - See pricing for more information!