Visiple Is Taking Part In Global Work From Home Day April 10th

Visiple Is Taking Part In Global Work From Home Day April 10th

Remote-work is on the rise and that’s why on the 10th of April Visiple will support Global Work From Home Day. This day will be a celebration of working from home (wherever home happens to be at the moment!) for all the employees and employers around the world. Network and meet fellow remote workers under the hashtag #WorkFromHomeDay.

Since our inception as a company we have supported #remotework, #coworking and #workshfit as a way of slowing down the brain drain effects on local economies, helping out mother nature and well providing our employees and customers with tools that help support a better quality of life, you know that real work life balance! Be home with your family for dinner instead of in traffic!

A win win!



Take Aways MWC 19: Gadgets, AR, Mobile Payments, and more...

Cool article on the recent Mobile World Congress here

In addition: one has to add that there was actually less focus on mobile operators than in years past and more focus on mobile services such as machine learning, AI and more. Collaboration and unified communication was even less of a focus almost as it is a given today even though we still cannot connect most services to other services ex: webex to gotomeeting or Skype to Facebook.

That being said the new “mobile” world is upon us and the excitement from the Visiple team at MWC could be seen. More opportunities and possibilities to continue innovating technology that meets what people want and need.

Mobile World Congress and Visiple

Mobile World Congress and Visiple

Visiple will be at Mobile World Congress next week as will several other great tech companies such as Auka and their mobile payments platform, as the mobile space is not only about phone calls anymore.

The event coined “MWC” is in Barcelona from February 25th to 28th in Barcelona, Spain. Ping us to meet up or we will see you there!.

Visiple Now Works With Google Hangouts

Visiple Now Works With Google Hangouts

Visiple ProVMR now works with Google Hangouts Meet!

Join Google Meet video calls using business video conferencing systems and modern software clients

Designed for organizations who want to join Google Hangouts Meet calls using business video conferencing systems from vendors such as Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, and many others. Employees can also join Meet calls using Skype for Business and other video-capable software video clients that they use everyday.

Our friends at Videonor have helped us provide this latest greatest service for our ProVMR users allowing meeting participants to join from Google Hangouts Meet as well!

We are focusing heavily on offering services that interoperate with other services. The day of the my service to only my service died decades ago in just about every other technology industry but is alive and well in video conferencing.

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 15.39.18.png

Visiple ProVMR now supports traditional video conferencing systems, iOS and Android based devices, browser (webrtc), Skype for Business, and now Google Hangouts Meet.

Not everyone has the same service so why force them into using something else?

Visiple plans on launching several new services this year that will further demonstrate our commitment to offering the right services for the modern meeting participant.

Check here for more information!

Two Ways Startups and Corporations Can Partner

I found this interesting article in HBR (Harvard Business Review). However one has to watch out for accelerators and incubators as they have become new sources of revenue for their host and then there is the issue of IPR and intellectual property. Once you are in… you are in.