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Happy Holidays & Some Great News...

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Great news as Visiple and Videonor has added support for the interpreter service TikkTalk. Tikktalk runs on our video platform, and now our customers have easy access to a TikkTalk account to search and book a meeting.  The open market platform allows you to get the best prices on interpretation services.

Now customers can host a video conference in any language! How cool is that?

What is TikkTalk? 

TikkTalk is an open marketplace for interpretation services. The TikkTalk platform connects businesses and government institutions directly with interpreters, and now, they connect you! 

How do you use TikkTalk?  

The first step is to register a free service at Visiplevc.com and TikkTalk at; www.tikktalk.com , which only takes a minute.  

You then create your assignment simply by choosing a language, a time, and the type of interpretation.  Interpreters are instantly alerted to your assignment and asked to apply. All you need is to choose one of them. 

While you schedule your virtual meeting (per usual) with our services add TikkTalk to the invite which can be found in your Seevia directory (pictured below). And that’s it – you’re ready to go! All the assignment details are on your TikkTalk profile page. 



With the push of a button, you will have access to more than 60 languages for your video conferences.

And that is not all! Stay tuned as Visiple is innovating as we speak. Our team is hard at work designing the services of tomorrow - today!


Happy Holidays Everyone!

Product Insight and New Products Coming Soon

Product Insight and New Products Coming Soon

As the user demands of video conferencing continue to evolve Håvard Holvik, Head of Research & Development, Videonor, a partner of Visiple has shed some light on where video conferencing is going.

Despite having been in the software development “business” for only 2-3 years, we have managed to introduce quite a few software products to our customers.

  • We have a Mac/Windows video client for people who are used to point-to-point calls in a SIP/H323 environment. 
  • A Mac/Windows app which gives users with a personal VMR a simple administration interface and notifications when people enter a meeting.
  • An Outlook plugin which makes it a breeze for users to schedule video meetings, not having to care about whether the other participants have video equipment or not. 
  • We also have a mobile app for Android and iOS which allows users away from their primary computer to join in on meetings.

Virtual Insanity...

Virtual Insanity...

In 1996, a British funk band call Jamiroquai released an album called “Travelling without moving”. A lot has happened since then, except me still listening to old funky music, but the title has always been in the back of my head, even more so now, since working with video conferencing.