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Stay Tuned For Something Very New and Very Exciting From Visiple

Visiple is at it again! We are in the final stretch of designing our very VERY new video calling platform and about to embark on a very exciting new journey. You see the market is changing, and people´s lifestyles are changing from how we work to communicate and collaborate and the team at Visiple sees this.

We have been working dilligently on the next generation design and well... we are just about there. With this in mind we will also embark on a new journey whereas we ask for your participation. 

Stay tuned as something VERY exciting is about to happen!


All the best,


Evan J. Andriopoulos



The power of visiple video conferencing

The world is a global village, and businesses are growing and expanding at a rate never seen before. While many are on their toes, and everybody wants to be connected, the fine line between personal and professional life is fast vanishing with meetings across time zones end international collaboration. In this scenario, video conferencing and telecommuting is the need of the day and with the product offered by Visiplevc, you have to look no further for all your video conferencing needs