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Visiple Now Works With Google Hangouts

Visiple Now Works With Google Hangouts

Visiple ProVMR now works with Google Hangouts Meet!

Join Google Meet video calls using business video conferencing systems and modern software clients

Designed for organizations who want to join Google Hangouts Meet calls using business video conferencing systems from vendors such as Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, and many others. Employees can also join Meet calls using Skype for Business and other video-capable software video clients that they use everyday.

Our friends at Videonor have helped us provide this latest greatest service for our ProVMR users allowing meeting participants to join from Google Hangouts Meet as well!

We are focusing heavily on offering services that interoperate with other services. The day of the my service to only my service died decades ago in just about every other technology industry but is alive and well in video conferencing.

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 15.39.18.png

Visiple ProVMR now supports traditional video conferencing systems, iOS and Android based devices, browser (webrtc), Skype for Business, and now Google Hangouts Meet.

Not everyone has the same service so why force them into using something else?

Visiple plans on launching several new services this year that will further demonstrate our commitment to offering the right services for the modern meeting participant.

Check here for more information!

Happy Summer!

Happy Summer!

Happy Summer to everyone and thank you for a great start to 2018! We are biting our nails in nervous excitement as we test our next generation of services out that we will show off later this Summer to  a few of our customers! 

Enjoy your remote working and remember to check out your local co-working space, tech incubator and start-up scene as there are so many great new "things" being developed and this can provide all of us a better place to live and work!

Happy Summer!

Happy 2018!

Happy 2018!

Happy 2018 Everyone! We look forward to having a great 2018 with you! 

2018 will be a year of firsts for Visiple! We will launch some great new services that we announced in late 2017 such as TikkTalk allowing you to host a video conference in any language and have planned on launching a new communications tool. Shhhh...! more on that in another post!

What Businesses Can Expect From Virtual and Augmented Reality

The rapid expansion of technology is opening new opportunities for savvy small and large businesses to move up from the ground floor. Just like those who embraced the web, social media and mobile, early adopters of virtual reality and augmented reality are set to be rewarded.