This crazy use and support for smartphones all over the world drives us crazy! How is it that this tech-box has us cling to it? What makes it so necessary? Why is it that it has become indispensable for today’s life? Well, here’s why:

Keeps us up to date with the latest lifestyle


Our lifestyle portrays what we do at all the times and how we handle different activities at hand. The daily places that we visit and the chores that we complete. A smartphone helps in making our lifestyle interesting. Let’s say you are waiting for your friend to join you in the parking area or at the restaurant. What would you do while waiting? You can definitely take out your phone, read an e-book or surf the internet, use the phone app and so on. A smartphone helps us fill various holes in our life. 

Moreover, the smartphone in-built news and weather app, reminders app, the music player, and camera; everything keeps us busy and compel us to take this box where ever we go. 

Use of smart appliances:

Another big change in our lifestyle is the introduction of the smart appliances which let us operate them with the use of our smartphones. Now, there are appliances we can run at both home and office via the phone. These include air conditioners, washers and dryers, oven, sprinkler controller, thermostat, blood pressure dock, pet feeder, baby monitor, safety home lock, and so on. The home automation has become a huge world in itself and all of it is monitored via the smartphone thus making it indispensable for us. 

Presence of apps

Other than the inbuilt phone app, the Android and Apple play store is full of countless applications that aim to make your day better. The different categories of apps include games, books, entertainment apps, medicine-related apps, picture editing apps, Microsoft apps, antivirus apps and the list goes on. Each one of them makes us feel vulnerable to use them. If bored, visit the entertainment app. Worrying about phone protection from the bugs and viruses on the internet, download antivirus app. Such examples keep on coming in! 

Improvised communication methods



Ah, one thing that we truly are thankful for is the better communication over long distances! People living in different countries can now connect with each other via video chats using a simple (good-speed) internet connection. It has also improvised the style of meetings and conferences held in various companies. The advertising companies in Dubai find it really comfortable to talk to their clients located at any place in the world. 

Internet and Information

The presence of portable Wi-Fi and 4G has made internet accessible anywhere round the clock. The only necessity is a smartphone so many people tend to buy them to enjoy the facility. It includes people from all the fields. From professional to personal use; the internet is being surfed several times a day by the users. What makes it even more interesting is that online presence of nearly everything has made it easier for the users to get the answer to their queries within seconds. Whatever you are looking for, just type it in the search bar and you’ll know what it is! 

Trend of online shopping


We all have witnessed the hype of the online business brands and their e-commerce stores. And, we have visited quite many of them too! A smartphone makes it easier for the user to surf the online store and make the purchase. It gives them the control to decide what they want for themselves through a device in their hands. The latest mobile e-commerce stats show that 62% of smartphone users made an online purchase using their mobile devices within the previous six months. This indicates how indispensable this device is becoming for the coming time!  

Addiction overrules

The ‘global mobile consumer trends: second edition’ considers smartphone addiction to be a trend that is driving mobile use. Their study suggests that more than one-third of consumers worldwide said they check their phone within five minutes after waking up. 20% of them go through their phone more than 50 times per day. This could be related to a number of reasons that we have mentioned above and are going to discuss below. 

High-resolution cameras

The new generation is photography freaks! Trust us on this one. Every other girls or boy you’ll see is fond of taking pictures to preserve their memories. Not just this, most of them adore nature photography, learning portrait tricks and so on. As a good smartphone with a high pixel camera is somehow affordable and offers ‘two in one’ device advantage; the demand of smartphone has spiked. 


Social media has gone mobile

Last but not the least, the wild growth of social media over the past many years is the ultimate reason for smartphones becoming indispensable! Why is that so? Well, the need to update a status, post a picture or capture a video via filters when you are indulging in an activity has made the social media networks popular. This has also flourished their growth via the smartphone app! 

With this, we end our discussion stating the obvious that the variety of features and functions that a smartphone offers are all related to our daily routine in one way or the other. Thus, carrying the device around while no matter what you are doing has somehow become quite necessary! 

Contribution by Junaid Ali Qureshi, a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Elephantation, eLabelz, Smart, Progos Tech and eCig.