Compared to fast moving consumer goods (b2c) and other traditional business models SaaS and subscription models are newborns. Time to learn via crawling first!

There are at least a handful of actionable growth models for SaaS subscription companies that helps their customer experience, user onboarding and retention, and monetization.

#1: You Are Online - You Are A Global Business -Like It Or Not!

With the Internet we began immediately purchasing previously hard to find products from anywhere in the world. From food to technology to clothing. Everything was presented to us in our homes and offices without having to go out and source it. Until recently we were still influenced by our friends and local companies in our home areas but the sphere of influence has changed to social media and users that tweet and post about what they perceive as "cool" and "must have" but it is still somewhat local due to culture and language. We like regionalized content and local currencies but they do not stop the most savy buyers from making purchases in other currencies.

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