Josh and Liz left home in 2013 haven't looked back.  They now operate multiple businesses from the road while embracing the freedom remote work affords.

Where are you now?

We are currently Housesitting in Shanghai, China


Can you tell me about your business or job?  Is it enough to support you while traveling?

We are both digital nomads and run a couple of businesses from the road.  One of our businesses is a travel blog called Peanuts or Pretzels Travel and we do make a good digital income from affiliate sales and downloadable itineraries we have for sale on the site.  Our other business called PoP Digital Media is a digital marketing agency that helps small to medium businesses grow their reach in digital and social media marketing.


What are some of the bigger challenges you’ve had trying to work and run a website while abroad?  Any regular frustrations?

There are a few small frustrations in working abroad, but one of the most frustrating challenges we face is reliable fast wifi.  This is the biggest frustration by far that we face during our travels.  We have even had to move places based on the strength of wifi of the place.  


Are there any types of businesses you believe are more suited to digital nomads?

There are many great businesses suited for digital nomads.  One that we see a lot on the road is graphic designers.  Really any type of work that revolves and relies heavily on computer digital work is perfect for digital nomads.  


In your opinion, what are some of the main benefits you get from living this type of lifestyle?

Freedom! Freedom!  We love our freedom to travel and see whatever we want, whenever we want.  Working full-time jobs in the states you may only get 2 weeks vacation per year and when you work for yourself you can live anywhere.  It’s nice to be able to take a couple of hour break from the “office” and walk on the beach in places like Bali or Vietnam.



Do you have a routine or a preferred place from which to work to help you stay productive?

Our routine really changes based on the place we are staying at the time.  We believe it is important to have some type of routine before you start working.  Working remotely and for yourself is great and you can make your own hours, but the downside is that before you know it you might have missed breakfast and lunch and the day has flown by.  So it is important to have a routine to stay productive while not overworking yourself.  


How do you get set up and in a groove when you get to a new city?

The first thing we always do when we get to a new city and plan on staying there for a while is go on a long walk around where we are staying.  It is important to us to get a good idea of the neighborhood and what is around us and where we can go to get things we may need from here to there.


How long have you been traveling and where have you been?

Live and I left our home in Atlanta in August of 2013 and have been on the go since.  We drove cross country from Atlanta to Seattle then did some traveling.  A month in Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and spent 15 months in Guangzhou, China.  After that we traveled around the beautiful Yunnan region of China and took a dream trip to Tibet.  Still have a couple of months of travel before we head home for the holiday season.


How does your life and level of happiness compare now to when you were working back home?

We are extremely happy to be living the digital nomad lifestyle.  There are times that we miss having a home base and normalcy, but when we travel to a new destination we are know that we are doing things that some at home only dream of.  Life is short so you might as well live it to the fullest.