Communication through videos has a long way to go! From its use in digital marketing to its influential role in business promotion, its role as a time-effective and cost-effective way of communication for the students and a way to connect relatives living far away within seconds; video chats have exceeded the expectations of the users. Thousands of personal video chats are carried throughout the day and same goes for the professional video conferences. As the business conferences continue through a video connection, it is essential to offer a seamless experience to the users as well. 

Whether you are having an online job interview or meeting with your peers/ co-workers through a video conference, here are the few ways that can enhance your conferencing experience

(1) Deal with technical challenges beforehand

The first enthralling way that we have to improve your conference experience is to deal with the technical difficulties before the conference starts. Few of the technical difficulties are as follows:

  • Ensuring a strong internet connection: 

A strong internet connection is a must if you want your call to go smoothly. A bad connection leads to disconnection and interruption of the call. If this happens, you’ll be a bit delayed and it would be hard for you to catch up with the rest of the participants.  

  • Recheck the application:  

For this, you need to come a little early than the decided video conference call time. This gives you time to arrange the things around and open the application. You can avoid any application opening, at the moment installation and application handling issues this way.

  • Hardware setting: 

To ensure a good experience you need to make sure that the screens, speakers, and microphones that you are using are working well. Check them before the video call starts. Taking a break in between an important official conference to fix these issues wouldn’t look nice, right?  

(2) Ensure that you and the surrounding look presentable

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Presentation of the person himself and the environment around him matters a lot during a video conference. Carrying out a personal family conference call is different. You can be as informal as you want there. But, a professional business call with your marketing colleague or a team discussion with you being the leader; you’ll have to make yourself presentable. 

Michael Yinger, Aon Hewitt’s global lead for recruitment process outsourcing delivery explains his experience by saying, “Mistakes we've seen include video interviews recorded in a coffee shop with a very noisy background or in a bedroom with dirty laundry scattered on the floor. We've seen interviewees dressed in a robe and children playing in the vicinity.” Thus, it means that such mistakes must be avoided to last a great first impression or ensure a productive and professional environment. Also, keep the background neat, tidy and professional or at least maintain the surroundings according to the frame size. Coming on to your look, you need to dress up properly and maintain your look. 

(3) Master the online presentation technique

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Preparedness is a key to good presentation and a great live video conference. As a participant (whether you are the leader or the employee), you need to be prepared for your role. Either way, you’ll be speaking at the conference. Better speak well and cast a lasting impression. The few things that you need to keep in mind for online presentation are as follows:

  • Study the facts and figures of the discussion topic beforehand
  • Jot down your ideas on the topic so that you can speak promptly during the conference
  • Clear your mind, be present at the moment and be confident while speaking
  • Prepare yourself to answer the expected questions and queries arising from your presentation 


(4) Keep in mind the processing delay and other issues

The fourth way to improve the video conferencing experience is to pay attention to the possible processing delays and keep in mind some conferencing tactics. The few main ones are as follows:

  • There is a processing delay during a conversation over long distance and through video calls. Be considerate about it and wait for a while after you have spoken a sentence. 
  • Make sure that you are in the center of the screen frame. Sit up in a straight and upfront position. Smile slightly. You wouldn’t want to look all very serious or too jolly during the conversation. 
  • Next thing to keep in mind is the eye level. Your eyes should be at the level of the camera. Maintain direct eye contact. Don’t look down or up. It is a sign of weakness and lack of confidence to look here and there while others are talking. 
  • Keep all the participants in the loop by actively asking them to contribute their ideas and thoughts. 


(5) Keep distractions to a minimum

Jay O’Connor, chief marketing officer of Blue Jeans (video conferencing service), says in this regard, “First impressions count when it comes to video conferencing. If you wouldn’t want it in a live meeting you shouldn’t have it on a video conference.” This proves our point that you need to minimize distractions while you are on a call. A video conference, especially an online business conference, is a sacred place to be. You need to maintain decorum, remove all informalities and appear focuses and disciplines for the conference. 

Ending words:

The five amazing ways mentioned in the above article guarantee to improve your video conferencing experience. These ways portray a nice image of the participants and allows the leader to lead the conference in a respected way. The trend of video conferencing has just reached its peak. It isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and so it’s better you get your hands on the finest ways to improve the experience. 


Junaid Ali Qureshi is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Elephantation, eLabelz, Smart, Progos Tech and eCig.