Having a place you enjoy working from can make or break your productivity, so sit back, relax, and picture yourself being the most productive version of yourself in these inspiring home offices.

By now most of you know that we work remotely.  We’ve written about the tools, the management techniques, and even some tips that help make it all possible.  I’ve even posted some of the places from which I’ve worked on Twitter.  Still, while I will always appreciate the flexibility, I have to say that there’s really no place like home or at least no place like your home office.  

I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t have a desk to call home right now, I’m in between apartments so looking at all these inspiring home offices is making me incredibly envious.  However, watching jealousy fill the eyes of some of my colleagues when I showed them some of these did make it easier.

Why 11?  Why These?

We’ve gotten into the habit of tracking relevant trends, phrases, and words that make their way across social media every day and oftentimes it’s the pictures that stand out the most (did you know Tweets with images get 150% more retweets and shares than those without?).  We flag a lot of these images for later use, including these home offices, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in using them as inspiration for my new apartment!

We chose these 11 because they embody one or more design aspects that we like (and mention after each one), so feel free to admire, imitate, and show the owner some social love, I know we will!


Loving the white on white on white minimal feel of this one, works really well with the green plants.  I’d probably utilize the wall a bit more and throw up another monitor.


While the desk is a little bare for my liking, I absolutely love the room and positioning.  It looks like it should be overlooking the ocean, and that rug looks super comfortable.



This looks more like a recording studio than an office, I love the wall-length desk and mini lounge.  If this were mine, however, I’d have to opt for a few more monitors.


Simplistic and functional, this reminds me of a lot of the places I find myself working, except this chair is far more awesome.


The shelves and skylight make this one for me, I’m betting the natural light is amazing.


I have a love/hate relationship with working outside, while I love the change of scenery, I hate the glare and heat.  Still, I’d definitely spend some time at this setup with the tea and fruit.


Now we’re talking, not only are we rocking dual monitors, but the iPad has been utilized too.  My only change would be some better headphones.


Wow, this looks like an office designed for productivity.  I’m big into scheduling so I can appreciate the calendars, also loving the coffee machine within reach!

Yes!  I love monitors and it’s hard to travel and be limited to just one, so seeing this is like a dream come true.  I’m usually not a fan of working from the corner, but I’d probably make an exception for this inspirational home office.

I know this setup is likely designed for gaming and not work, but I'm a fan anyway.  I love everything from the lighting to the orchid and bet those speakers can pump out the jams.  Also, this might be the one time I’d forgo another monitor since it’s clear this widescreen setup is adequate.


Had to include this one, while not technically an office the digital nomad in me is certainly envious.  Look at that view!

Visiple worker...

Visiple worker...