This interview is with Tia Meyers, a freelance marketing consultant based out of NYC.  We sat down with her for a quick and virtual interview to see how she got her start, where she finds clients, and what's in her bag.

Can you give us a brief intro?  What is your background?  How long have you been in the marketing industry?

During the day I work as a Digital Marketing Consultant and at night, I am a huge foodie seeking the most delicious food NYC has to offer. I’ve been in the industry for over 4 years now.


Where are you now?

Currently, I’m out in the woods of CT visiting family but you will usually find me in Brooklyn, NY.


I know you have transitioned from the corporate world to essentially working from yourself - how was that?  Any advice for people that are considering a similar move?  

I made a nice easy transition from corporate to tech startup to freelance. Each is very different from the last and ever changing. The biggest advice I can give someone who is looking to freelance is to do your research, talk to other freelancers in your industry. There’re many amazing things about freelancing but there is also a lot of things you don’t consider till you’re in the midst of it. If you can, moonlight a bit and build up your client list until you can take the next step and move to full-time freelancing. It takes a lot of stress off of making that decision.


Do you think you will ever go back to a regular 9-5?

I don’t think I could ever go back to a full 9-5 job after having so much flexibility but I wouldn’t mind an office environment every once in a while :)


How do you go about prospecting and landing clients?

Networking has brought in the most clients for me. I love meeting people in like-minded areas to chat over a coffee.  It has led to many jobs and vice versa. We all help each other out.


What are some invaluable skills and tools a person needs to work remotely?

Great people skills, you’re always selling yourself and you have to be willing to get yourself out there.


Where are some cool places you like to work from?

Oh, there’s so many, I’m a big fan of working from coffee shops and I try to set up days with other freelancers have work sessions. It’s kind of like having a coworker for the day although they’re working on something completely different from you. Right now my favorite spot would have to be Stonefruit Espresso in Brooklyn, NY. It’s such a cute environment with great food.

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How do you structure your day and stay organized and productive when you’re working?

Every night I create a to-do list and schedule that I try to stay on. If I didn’t have somewhat of a schedule it would be much harder to stay on track.


In your opinion, what is the biggest advantage to being able to work from home or anywhere you want?

Having the flexibility you can’t have anywhere else. I love to travel and hated being stuck in an office some nights til midnight so freelancing allows me to be anywhere as long as my computer is at hand.


What’s in your bag?

I’m a pretty light traveler but aside from the normal essentials, I always keep a pen and notebook on hand. I process meetings a lot better when I write down the key points.

You can connect with Tia on her website, Twitter, or Linkedin.