Cloud technology is making our lives easier, flexible, reliable, more convenient and neater than ever. So why is cloud technology stress so common today?

There should be no reason to feel cloud technology is overwhelming you. It’s designed to make our lives ‘better’, keep our data safe, reduce costs for business, improve global and social communication.

So why are we stressed?

There’s a reason and it’s the confusion caused by online marketers. They show you a banner ad for a cloud drive offering instant, secure and free storage. In the meantime, your friend or co-worker suggests you grab a Google Drive account because it’s so amazing. Great idea.

Now you can upload and store all your files from your computers hard drive into your cloud-based account….for free.

A Simple Storage Solution

Now that you have a storage solution, everything’s great. So now you use your Google Drive account as a backup drive and a place to share documents and images with friends and family.

Since Google Drive only offer 15GB of free storage, of course you’re edging towards your 14+GB limit and counting…
The solution? Find an additional cloud drive like Dropbox, for example – an extra 2GB for free. Problem solved.

You may begin to see a pattern here. One account becomes full, then you sign up for another, and then another. Or we sign up to a new drive because it’s the same one a business client uses. So to keep things streamlined, you get one.

But suddenly you use multiple accounts across the cloud computing network. This can become difficult to manage, especially if you don’t remember where you put a file or if you’re using one account as an overflow for another (due to a lack of free storage capacity).

In 2016 the average amount of cloud services used by enterprises had grown to 1 427(!), multiple cloud storage providers being among them.

With Correlate, cloud technology stress exist no longer

This is where Correlate solves your issues – the complexity of multiple accounts, the uncertainty of how to find certain documents. Correlate allows you to seamlessly move and drag between cloud drives all in one place.

This means no matter how many storage providers you have, everything will still be accessible from one single location.

Just connect all your cloud account and let Correlate do the rest.

It’s more than a solution for the chaos of multiple cloud accounts. It’s also a practical and efficient way to manage your tasks, documents, photos and more, in an easy-to-manage way, without the headaches. Your time is precious and you should be able to keep easy tabs on everything you’re doing, whether that’s sharing holiday photos or updating an important spreadsheet for you client – ready for Monday’s deadline.

So avoid that cloud technology stress. Use Correlate to connect all information spread across multiple cloud accounts.

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