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Romania has been mentioned several times as the next Berlin whereas the downtown landscape is dotted with start-ups, tech giants to be and global investment money flowing into businesses and ideas across the board. 

As entrepreneur Bogdan Florin Ceobanu wrote "New technologies, fast-growing clusters and the token economy are changing the game. UiPath reaches $1B+ valuation."

Two Ways Startups and Corporations Can Partner

I found this interesting article in HBR (Harvard Business Review). However one has to watch out for accelerators and incubators as they have become new sources of revenue for their host and then there is the issue of IPR and intellectual property. Once you are in… you are in.


Hey Startups - The Importance of the MVP

Hey Startups - The Importance of the MVP

When planning development for your startup the rule of thumb is to focus on building a MVP. The MVP is the Minimum Viable Product that has core features for early adopters and the limited initial group of users.

2 Way To Think About The MVP

Many argue that MVP is the first deliverable product. Crowdfunding site Kickstarter have had numerous prototypes that have been built by developers. Many find that making a product available to early users is an effective way to gauge how the product is going to be received or so called “market acceptance”.

Erstwhile others believe that the use of the MVP would help validate the existence of demand for a product, or in certain cases, the product itself. The goal in this case is more than acceptance but to help create interest for a particular product even before the full version of that product is ready for launch. Often many make a sales page and have interested visitors or testers sign up.  TechCrunch has some great tips on how to create the MVP.

Deliver to Market for Early Validation

One of the biggest advantages of building an MVP is that it helps you validate/gain acceptance your product, quickly and to decide whether to continue pursuing your product idea as is or making changes or even ending it before it started. MVPs are only effective when you listen to the market feedback you receive.

Startups are usually based on a vision that revolves around something new, one that is believed to be embraced by a market due to its ability to solve an urgent problem, or fix a specific pain point, faced by that particular market. Like many established setups, startups opt to create a full product based on their initial vision and subsequently make it available to the target market. Often is the case that there isn’t quite as much traction as initially projected. This could be either because the market was not chosen carefully or the product was not compelling enough, it was not “ready enough” or support mechanisms around it were not yet in place.

The obvious question that arises is how it is possible to test a product that has not been fully designed or implemented or without the proper support mechanisms.

Established companies often offer their new “test” product to a specific segment of their customers or a target audience that perhaps they wish to engage. Startups operate in such a way that they will have a chance to learn while making sure their vision is viable - developing and learning on the fly. MVPs act as an effective way to replace ambiguity with certainty with minimal risk and over a relatively short time period.

The most efficient way for a startup to learn is to experiment and test different versions of its products against various metrics. Learning is about increasing the chance for success and validating at the minimum a new way of solving someone´s problem.

Your Assumptions

By testing their product, and listening to feedback which does not always happen in a startup, founders of a startup can put themselves in a better position to solve the problems of people in their target market.

It is necessary that the startup develops a version of the product that is at a level of completion whereby it can demonstrate the level of value that it can bring to customers.

Having a bare bones MVP it may be difficult for designers to avoid including features requested by users into the initial development, but they should resist such temptation and instead focus on the various experimentations that will help measure the impact of the MVP. In other words do not develop too much until you understand what the market is willing to accept.

The metrics designed to test the effectiveness of an MVP should go beyond happy ears results and go to the real business impact of the core product.


Lean startups must focus on improving how they develop products, e.g. the speed at which they reach the market with the correct products. A lean startup approach uses MVPs to target customers and their specific pain points, test the growth and value. The initial focus of development should be on answering basic questions related to the growth and perceived value. Upon these findings and any changes needed should the focus then shift to growth.

With today´s social network darlings, apps and online games e.g. Fortnite, The higher the rate of acceleration, the more chance the startup has of releasing a relevant product that closely matches what customers in the target market are looking for to solve their paint point or fill that need.

Visiple Can Help Students Make Much-Needed Extra Cash

Visiple Can Help Students Make Much-Needed Extra Cash

Visiple Can Help Students Make Much-Needed Extra Cash

College is a time when you need money but often struggle to make it. For many students, trying to work a standard, full-time job into their daily lives is prohibitively difficult. Class schedules change frequently, and many employers, even part-time employers, are not very flexible with work schedules.

On top of that, working at a business probably means you need to cover the expenses involved in maintaining a vehicle. Car insurance, registration, and gas are all big monthly expenses. Thankfully, you can use Visiple video chat services to work from home or even your dorm room with the internet you already have. Getting a little creative could help you develop ways to make money in between classes while you go to school.

Use video calls for English language tutoring

English language skills are highly in demand around the world. Some people pay off their student loans by traveling abroad and teaching English in another country after they graduate. However, you don't have to wait for graduation to start using your native language for profit. There are many companies that offer online tutoring services for students who want to learn English.

You can work with one of these companies or just advertise yourself online. You may be able to make quite a bit more per hour tutoring online than you would make working at a physical job. More importantly, you won't incur any of the expenses associated with renting a facility or traveling, and you'll meet new and interesting people all over the world.

Offer academic support or other skills to remote clients

If you're a student, that means you already have a relatively strong knowledge base and a desire to improve yourself. You probably learn new things all the time. Why don't you put that knowledge to use for your benefit? Offering online tutoring in subjects where you excel can be a great way to make money. You don't even have to visit the other students in person. That means you could offer support to a student with a similar major at a college across the country.

If tutoring doesn't seem quite your speed, there are still plenty of other options. Perhaps you have a hobby you particularly enjoy. The truth is that any skill or knowledge you have is theoretically marketable to someone else. Sharing that information through video calls is a great way to ensure not only that the other party understands but also develop a relationship with that client. Seeing their teacher face to face makes the experience much more significance to the other party and can make it easier for you to build up a real base of clients.

Alternative ways to earn money

If you aren't much of a teacher, there are still other options. You could participate in online research panels that require face-to-face input. If you're handy with tarot cards, you can offer readings for a fee. There's no real limit to how you can monetize your time online via Visiple, other than your creativity.

There are many people who think that video chat is just for keeping in touch with friends. However, Visiple video chat provides infinite possibilities for creative people looking for income. If you haven't already done so, getting yourself familiar with video chat software could be the first step toward building a stream of income as a student.

Give Visiple a Free Try - No Credit Card, No Obligation

The Least Likely Innovation Hub: Connecticut

The Least Likely Innovation Hub: Connecticut

Connecticut as an Innovation Hub?

A great article from earlier this year. Add to the fact that InfoSys the Indian tech giant, 7 seas and now CVS are adding feet on the street by the thousands and Connecticut may just have found its niche in tech.