1. Arrive on Time or Early. It is best to arrive ahead of schedule.
  2. Always introduce yourself once everyone has arrived. 
  3. Speak clearly- No Need to Scream and remember to sit near the mic.
  4. Keep your body movements to a minimal. Remember everyone can see you and everyone can see when someone is trying to hide. 
  5. Do not interrupt other speakers. Like in grade school raise your hand to signify you wish to speak. Another option is to post your questions on the Visiple chat feature. Set this is the method in raising questions / giving feedback prior to your meetings start. 
  6. Maintain eye contact with the display during the meeting. Nothing is worse than watching someone text or read email during a meeting. 
  7. Keep all attention on the person speaking. Try to avoid at all costs "side conversations" as everyone can still hear you speaking. 
  8. Avoid having lots of jewelry or zippers near your microphone as this can be very distracting for the other participants. 
  9. Be Yourself! - Loosen up and communicate with others how you would normally. Show positive energy and the others will be more engaged. 
  10. Try to avoid making "odd" sounds such as finger nail tapping, clearing of the throat. 
  11. Hold your video conference as you would a belly to belly meeting. 
  12. Get your beverages before the meeting starts! Nothing is worse than someone that has to get up to grab a coffee. 
  13. Get comfortable with the features of your Visiple video conferencing service. How to share presentations, mute and your easy to change layouts. 

Having a Visiple video conference is easy! Follow these tips and enjoy your meetings again for the first time.