While thousands of businesses continue to connect over video, video conferencing for small businesses has emerged as a popular option for companies looking for an edge.  Services that were primarily for consumer use have been slowly adopted by small businesses across the world to communicate and save money and time.  The limitation of these consumer services has always been quality of the call, ability to connect with others not using the same service and of late security. 

When Visiple ver.1.0 was designed using our Miits platform the team at Visiple focused on offering a service that 1- Just Works , 2-Works fast from sign up to meeting, 3- Works with Tablets, Smart Phones and PC/Mac, 4-Works with other types of services such as some of the consumer services, 5- Works at the right price point, 6-Affords a piece of mind guarantee - security, 7-Is scalable, 8-Free and Paid Options

1. Price & Scalability - Visiple offers a Free one to one video conferencing service. Same business quality, Free to use as much as you would like. Our Paid services start are offered at two steps. 1- Daily Pass for those needing "just" a quick meeting, 2- Pro, our all you can eat each month package. All of our packages one can be easily scaled to add users from a few to many... This meets the needs of small business owner as they are not tied into a lengthy contract and can use as much as they want. 

Do you need to call into the meeting from the road? Sure thing... our audio bridge allows you to dial in and communicate by your phone even without video.  

Visiple also offers some great deals! Invite some of your friends and receive additional participants or special pricing! 

2. Ease of Use - Visiple is very easy to install, set-up and begin using. It has a really user-friendly interface that anyone, regardless of their level of tech knowledge, can learn to use. Click and well you are up and running in a meeting in seconds! Yepp it works!

3. It is where you are - You can use Visiple from anywhere, from any device. Whether you’re on your office computer, laptop, tablet computer, or smartphone it just works from anywhere in the world. Take your meetings with you - from your office, the road, the hotel or wherever. 

4. Reliability - Calls got dropped often with consumer services, especially in the early days. This kind of technology wasn’t an option for businesses as not only it was very annoying to have calls drop all the time, but it was unprofessional to choose such bad quality services. As long as your internet access is stable, most are nowadays!  You can expect your call won’t get dropped.

Visiple encourages users to contact us with feature requests and feedback on how we are doing! 

5. Call quality - As a small business, it’s important to choose inexpensive services that are of high quality - this is what Visiple is all about. Simply use your headset from your iOS and Android device, PC/MAC and you are ready to meet! Visiple is here to be your meetings partner because we make your video meetings fun again!