Telecommuting grew to a record 37% of all workers in the US in 2015 according to a recently released Gallup poll which was conducted Aug. 5-9 in their annual work - education poll. In addition most companies would be willing to let workers work remote at least a portion of the time if the position allowed for it. 

After several years of flat or low growth in the number of telecommuters, 2015 was a banner year. Some suggest telecommuting may have peaked as the number of positions that allow telecommuting may also have peaked. While others see the continued adoption of cloud based technology services allowing for even greater numbers of remote workers / telecommuters.  

The complete results can be read here.

Some see telecommuters as less productive due to the fact they are not being "seen" while others believe they are most likely to be distracted (the coffee shop, the dog...) and some are skeptical to cloud technology in general. 

My opinion:  "Some time" telecommuting will surpass 40% in 2016 and near 50% within five years as the number of new workers to the workplace demanding more flexible work scenarios, Continued acceptance and adoption of BYOD / BYOS (bring your own device,/own service) and new remote working locations where innovation is the focus via co working spaces, maker spaces and other.  

The bottom line is: Companies save money by limiting employee churn, require smaller office spaces and see increased 8-4/9-5 productivity. In addition they are able to attract top talent and cut stress levels among employees (traffic). 

Visiple is committed to supporting this with our anywhere, anytime, any device service. We encourage all of our employees to use this great technology that is available. We have happy employees and have by far more productive employees than at any "cubicle" company I have ever worked at.