2016 will be a year of "lots"... lots of changes. Some subtle some less so. From Fortune 500s re-inventing themselves like #GE as they move their focus to "tech company" from everything else company to tech companies expanding their ecosystems to include automobiles and household items to the great migration of the way we work via #thecloud and where we work. 2016 will be a year of change. Lots of change.

Over the past year the growth of #cowork spaces has been astonishing. Popular due to the users ability to share knowledge with others that are of the same mould. Regardless of what industry or background, the users of co working spaces thrive. It gives them a sense of being, and a place to hang their coat instead of the traditional cubicle.  The culture is "to help each other out" and their social mission is listed clearly as they nearly 2,000 co working spaces have signed a co working manifesto which articulates the values of co working such as collaboration and sustainability. 

Being part of a community of innovators, co working spaces are here to stay and 2016 will show some great success stories coming out of them, this I am sure. Not directly related is the workshift model whereas these types of spaces (co work) are utilized to allow "anywhere is my office" keeping cars off the road, increases in productivity and cuts in brain drain (loss of knowledge).

The continued great migration to the cloud will continue in 2016 leaving the big black box behind in the mirror. Leading the migration are start ups, co workers, small businesses and pretty much every type of entity outside of the traditional bricks and mortar business. As security improves, costs drop and workforces become more mobile the cloud will only grow. Most importanty the user experience continues to be more and more "ease of use" centric and less tech centric.

#Videoconferencing will continue to become more popular as the barriers for a quality, cost effective service continue fall. New players will continue to enter the market at properly priced service bundles that are easy to buy and scale. The general market will continue to mature with more and more selecting video as a great tool to communicate not just in the boardroom but from their laptop, tablet and smartphone from that very co work space and incubator. 

2016 will be a year in which great strides are made in technology being more and more open and accessible for developers. Large traditional providers of technology are being forced to be more open and accessible in order to maintain their positions in the market. Those that will be less open will be forced to defend their customer bases in expensive us vs them strategies. 

Look to movers such as Apple and Amazon to continue developing the cloud, user experience , business platform space and even being more open than ever. Ride the wave or get swallowed up by it. 

2016 looks to be a great year for collaboration and newer ways of working.


Evan J. Andriopoulos is the CEO of Visiple an innovator of video meeting services and is a champion of remote work, workplace flexibility and innovation.