Remote Work: Building your dynamic workforce

Remote Work: Building your dynamic workforce

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"Work isn’t a place you go - it’s a thing you do. So says Peter Hogg, UK cities director at Arcadis, and his opinion is backed up by a slew of recent surveys into the link between flexible working and productivity.

According to one, conducted by the Institute of Leadership and Management, 65 per cent of UK managers feel flexible working helps commitment and motivation, with 82 per cent believing it improved productivity. So why aren’t more organisations embracing flexible and remote working?

One answer is that they simply do not have to. Until 2014, remote working was only available to those who had caring responsibilities and although a universal right to ask is now in place, establishing it as a “request” merely gives organisations the opportunity to say “no”. For any firm which believes that real work can only be done at the office, there is still a list of eight official reasons why an employer can deny a request for flexible working.

The Dynamic Workforce report, however, makes it clear that there is very little excuse for inadequate technology to be one of those reasons. Future-facing companies could, in theory, already make use of augmented reality (AR), 3D printing and smart home hubs to make working remotely just as - if not more - productive as working in the office. For those business leaders who fail to see how any of these tools can apply to their own workforce, we invite you to put on your AR glasses and take a tour of your potential home office in 2028.

Back in 2018 and broadband speed in the average UK home has increased by 3.6 times since 2012 and a flight of tools have come about to make communication and collaboration easier than ever.

An omnichannel approach to communication means that remote workers can be integrated into daily company life, while also maintaining the flexibility they need. Unifying voice channels, email and video conferencing under one key strategy makes collaboration simple, with tools like instant messaging helping replicate the social contact which makes work enjoyable.

And herein lies another reason why business leaders might be reticent to applying blanket flexible working policies: workforce integration. Even if you can trust that your remote workers are working, how can you ensure that they are considered part of the team? A recent survey by Powwownow found that 56 per cent of employees feel that this is an area where their managers need particular training.

This is just one of the many ways in which larger organisations can learn from smaller, more agile ones. Others include learning when to switch off, making sure you are equipped with the tools of the future, and - where possible - borrowing from radically different business models. For the full list of lessons, collated from the advice of dozens of business experts, plus much more on the positives and pitfalls of flexible working, download the Dynamic Workforce report and bring your business into the future.

This is a summary of The Dynamic Workforce report which can be downloaded in full here.  "

Being agile and listening to your employees needs concerning their work to life balance requirements is critical in having a dynamic, productive and happy workforce. All too often employees feel taking a home office day the boss does not trust them, they feel obligated to talk down home office when at the office explaining what they did in their day to day. 

Use channels like for updates and checkins/checkout. Look we are all adults it is more than time to embrace the technology that is now everywhere.



Time Management When Working Remotely

A great article from Rick Goodman on time management and working remotely. 


Thanks to modern communication technology, most of us aren’t nearly as office-bound as we used to be. We can get our work done from practically anywhere—the basement, the living room, a favorite coffee shop, a quiet park bench, even an airport terminal. And sometimes, that change of scenery can be really energizing.

Yet, there are some risks. Just because you can work remotely doesn’t mean it’s easy to stay on task. And that raises the question: What can you do to stay motivated and productive, even when you’re working in a new space?

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Staying on Task While Working Remotely

  1. Plan for anything. It helps to be well-organized, ready and able to get some work done in almost any circumstance. Keep a running list of tasks you can work on while you’re getting that coffee or waiting for your flight. Make sure it includes both some longer tasks and some shorter ones, in case you just have a few minutes to kill. And, have some tasks ready to work on even if you don’t have a good Internet connection—e.g., some files already downloaded and ready to go.
  2. Have your devices ready. A simple, practical, and incredibly important point: You don’t want to waste your work time looking for an outlet or a plug. If you know you’ll be working outside later, make sure your phone and computer are fully charged now.
  3. Get comfortable. You won’t get much done if you keep thinking about your back pain or your weird posture. Find a place where you can feel comfy, and just focus on getting work done. Consider both the furniture you’re sitting on but also sunlight/glare, which can really be distracting and annoying.
  4. Avoid task switching. Some call it “multi-tasking”—but we all know that’s baloney! Trying to do a bunch of different things at once is a bad idea, whether you’re in your office or in a Starbucks. Stick to one thing at a time. Do good work, then move on!
  5. Make time to check in. A final tip: Even when working remotely, make sure you check in with your boss and/or employees. Remind yourself that you’re on the clock, and remind your colleagues that you’re hard at work.


The Least Likely Innovation Hub: Connecticut

The Least Likely Innovation Hub: Connecticut

Connecticut as an Innovation Hub?

A great article from earlier this year. Add to the fact that InfoSys the Indian tech giant, 7 seas and now CVS are adding feet on the street by the thousands and Connecticut may just have found its niche in tech.  

Happy Summer!

Happy Summer!

Happy Summer to everyone and thank you for a great start to 2018! We are biting our nails in nervous excitement as we test our next generation of services out that we will show off later this Summer to  a few of our customers! 

Enjoy your remote working and remember to check out your local co-working space, tech incubator and start-up scene as there are so many great new "things" being developed and this can provide all of us a better place to live and work!

Happy Summer!

Back to the Future; Apple and Goldman Sachs Entering The Card Business

The world is turning upside down or is it? Interesting enough that Apple the company build on user experience and the iCloud is now moving to plastic. Is this back to the future?

Goldman Sachs and Apple are preparing to launch a joint credit card, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.

The planned card would carry the Apple Pay brand and could launch early next year, the Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

The iPhone maker will replace its longstanding rewards-card partnership with Barclays, the report added.

Goldman Sachs, Apple and Barclays all declined comment.

The news comes as Apple sharpens its focus on its services business that includes the App Store, mobile payments and music streaming. The unit’s revenue grew 31 percent to more than $9 billion in the three months ended March 31.

Goldman has been looking to expand its consumer banking business to offset weakness at its trading unit. Last year, the Wall Street bank’s executives laid out a goal to generate $5 billion in revenue from new sources, including consumer banking.

In February, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was in talks with Goldman to offer financing to shoppers buying Apple products, including iPhones.

New companies have entered the payments space. We all know of Stripe and Paypal but now up and comers like create a cost effective highly intelligent white lable service that a bank and now with PSD2 (opening APIs for 3rd party access to offer banking/payment services) will find very attractive instead of developing their own digital payment solution. 

Interesting say the least.



Video conferencing, without a doubt, has extended its reign to our personal and professional lives. It has made it possible to communicate at any time and place without any hindrance. Many workers and users throughout the world call it the ‘productivity powerhouse’. It is truly the weapon that the business industry needs in this tech-savvy environment to ace its daily tasks. The advertising agencies in Dubai, as well as the marketing companies in Dubai, promote the existence and usage of video conferencing by sharing with us their amazing experiences.

Top 4 Components for Startup Success

Top 4 Components for Startup Success

Often on ponders the value of accelerators that are created to help start ups take the next great step. Some are focused on really helping while others are focused on filling spaces for rent money. A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine focused on the top components created by 14 International accelerators for Startup success! 

Growing Your SaaS Business

Growing Your SaaS Business

The subscription model is one that potentially great relationships are built upon and these right into your revenue. It is critical to afford a great easily understood value to your customers, one they are willing to pay for.

The greatest challenge today is the true data and what it really means. Most SaaS companies simply stumble their way through the data and build services and revenue off what we think is right. 

SaaS operations like, Hubspot, and others have been around for years and they pretty much "get" as much information out of the data possible and are viewed as industry experts in it. However only a few hundred have made it to multiple $100s of millions in revenue and not many more if you include $100M in revenue.